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What to pack for your wedding day emergency kit?

Don't want to go through the hassle of putting together an emergency kit by yourself? We get it! You have lots of other things to do! You can select one of our pre-made emergency kits below. 

Otherwise, take a look below for individual items that can come in very handy on the day of along with instructions on how to use them!


Crochet hook - preffered size 3mm

A crochet hook is essential for any gown featuring bridal buttons with loops, making the buttoning and unbuttoning process much quicker and easier. Bonus tip, may have also found a crochet hook helpful with button bustle attachements as well. 

Fashion tape for sensitive skin

Fashion tape should never be used instead of alterations, but it is a great addition to any emergency kit as it can help keep the dress in place, and some with sensitive skin have also used the soft amterial as a nice buffer between skin and scratchy materials, lace and beads. 

Puracy stain remover

The most effective stain remover by far! I have personally successfully used it on many bridal gowns to remove any type of stain! It works best if used right away . Use a spray bottle of clean cool water and bamboo towels (links below) and apply to the dress in this order: water spray - stain remover - water spray - scrub gently. Repeat this process as many times as needed. DO NOT USE ON SILK (see below for stain removal wipes for silk gowns).

Refillable spray bottle

The spray bottle to accompany your stain remover kit!

Bamboo cleaning towels

My preffered cleaning towels to complete your stain removal kit. They do not pill and are not chemically colored! Washable and reusable.

Dry cleaning wipes

Previously use on silk gowns. Wipes come a bit wet. For best results, squeeze out some of the excess water and always test the wipes on an inside portion of the dress first (lining or seam allowance). Silk is very tempermental but make up stains were successfully removed from silk gowns with these!

Hand-held steamer

An emergency kit essential for obvious reasons! Forget about getting your gown professionally steamed, by the time it is transported to your final destination it will be wrinkled again. It is best to steam it at the place you plan on getting ready a few hours prior to putting it on. Do not use on silk. You can always test it on scrap fabric or on the inside layers of the dress if you are unsure or nervous.

Steaming glove

This steaming glove can come in handy to really get creases out of horsehair, trims, hems, edge lace and veils without burning your hand! Just remember to press flat and NEVER pull on the fabric to avoid stretching it. 

Mini sewing kit

And of course the essential sewing kit. Not only cute, it includes anything you may need to quickly sew on that one stubborn button that decided to fall off right before walking down the aisle. Also comes with a variety of colors to help fix potential bridesmaids dress of any hue!

The ultimate bridal tote bag

The perfect bridal tote bag to carry all of your emergency kit items and more!

Small tissue packs

For all the happy tears that will be wept on such an emotional day!

Heel protectors for grass venue

These heel protectors are a great solution for those who found hte perfect stiletto but the venue is on grass. Fear not, these heel protectors will stop you from sinking! 

The underskirt bathroom helper

Going to the bathroom on your wedding day can be a bit of a challenge. This underskirt bathroom helper can come in handy and ensure that a piece of your dress doesn't fall where it shouldn't. Only for use under ball gowns and A-line shaped dresses.

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