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bride on her wedding day

The History of Bridal Heirloom
by Alice Schafer

It all started with one wedding that sparked a desire to be a part of so many more.

Alice Schafer is a young French designer that had the chance to design her own wedding gown.

Her mother-in-law to be, having had only boys, wished for her first daughter-to-be to wear her wedding dress. Knowing how fashion changes, the gown, though in an impeccable condition, was outdated for the time. It was then that an agreement was made between future mother/daughter that the bride would wear the gown, but would have it redone to fit her taste and current time better.

In her years of working with a fashion design team and as a bridal consultant, Alice was made aware of the increasing demand for unique gowns at a lower cost. The purchase of a dress this expensive is daunting when it is to only be worn once, and it is sometimes difficult to find a gown that exactly materializes one's vision. Too many times, brides couldn’t decide between the skirt of one dress, the top of another, and the sleeves of a third. She decided that other brides should be given the chance to not only get to choose what their gown should look like, but also carry on a family legacy. As Alice found out all those years ago, you can get a more perfect gown at a lower price, and hold dear the sentiment of wearing a bridal heirloom on your wedding day.

Where it all began

before and after of altered vintage wedding gown
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